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Frequently Asked Questions

The banquet hall is located at 301 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park NJ. The Banquet Hall is at the same location as IORIO Deli but in two separate spaces.

No. La Casa di Martino Banquet Hall provides food and service for your special event. We are not a restaurant. But, we do offer special “prix fixe” events on occasion. Email us at and we will notify when our next one will take place.

We are available for on-site visits and questions from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 2pm. Just enter IORIO Deli and ask for Joe or Cris who can help you.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve the date.

No. Unfortunately deposits are not refundable. However, we will offer you a $300 food voucher which will allow you to purchase Gilda’s great cuisine at IORIO Deli or to place as a deposit for a future date at the banquet hall.

Only one event per day is booked. Your event must end by 11pm.

There are three courses served: appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Appetizers are self serviced. We invite and escort each table to help themselves to appetizers.

Entrees are served by staff, buffet style to your guests.

Lastly coffee and light dessert are served in the same manner as appetizers for your guests.

Please discuss food restrictions well in advance. Many times we can accommodate if we know well in advance. With same day notifications of these restrictions, we may not be able to accommodate.

No. However, we will provide you, the host who contracted with us, the leftover entrees to take home. Unfortunately we are unable to provide everyone with takeout containers.

No – unless there is a guest that has food restrictions, outside food is not allowed.

Yes – If you wish to bring cake or additional desserts. Please advise the in advance.

The price of your contract includes service people, soft drinks and ice for soft drinks, coffee and tea, white tablecloths, colored napkins, silverware, glasswear, music and the use of our outdoor patio and tent.

2 Weeks Before Your Event – Color of your cloth napkin –

Part of your reservation includes your choice of the color of the cloth napkin. The choice of the color napkin is due 2 weeks before the event without charge. Choice made within the last two weeks requires an additional charge imposed by the company we use which is estimated between $100 to $200. The other option is you can use our standard green and red color napkins.
Tablecloths are always white.

If you have not provided it at the time of signing our contract, we would need the start time of your event.

1 Week Before Your Event: Final Guest Count and Menu Choices
We would need your menu choices and final count one week before your event.

Our contract makes our banquet hall available one hour before the scheduled time of your event. HOWEVER, you can decorate during the opening hours of IORIO Deli while staff is available and many times we can accommodate your schedule off hours as long as we have staff available. Discuss this option with us further if you have additional questions.

There is no tape on the walls of any kind – no exceptions.
You can tape on the windows and pin items to the crown molding around the windows. You can place centerpieces on the tables. You can use balloons but we advise you to avoid confetti filled balloons. If they pop, you will be required to clean up the confetti.

Yes. If you are bringing adult beverages, we advise our customers to bring 3 bags of ice. We will provide ice for the soft drinks, but we cannot provide ice, juice, mixers or additional glassware for alcoholic beverages. We do provide wine glasses for wine.

Yes. However, It is highly recommended that you have your DJ or musician visit our banquet hall well in advance of the date of your event to determine a mutually agreed location for their performance space.

Yes. If you need to use our sound system for music, you can create a playlist from any streaming service, like Pandora or Prime, and you can connect to our system through your smartphone, ipad or laptop’s, bluetooth. Music can be played both inside and outside our banquet hall. We do not have a microphone.

The room seats three, of 6 or 7 seats and four to five, tables of 8. All of our tables are 6 foot by 3 foot wide. DO NOT MOVE ANY TABLES ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Please discuss your table agreements change questions and table decorations prior to the date. Tables will not be moved on the day of your event.

Parking is available at La Casa di Martino from the wine barrels to the building. We also have staff to assist with parking. Parking is also available at West Clay Avenue, the long street where IORIO Deli/La Casa di Martino is located. Please let your guests know that there is residents only parking on the small streets, Roosevelt Street, Columbus Place and Hawthrone Avenue starting at 4pm.

We have an agreement at the Leegis Group Contractors parking behind 277 West Clay Avenue. It is three buildings away and a short, 2 minute, walk to La Casa di Martino.

No additional charge to use the outdoor tent. We require you to discuss the use of the tent well in advance of your event date to allow us to prepare the tent properly.

The only additional charges are speciality food dishes are ones with an * on the menu. An additional hour beyond your contracted time will be charged $200 per hour and will require agreement with the banquet hall.

Once the deposit is made, the final payment is due at the end of your event. Cash, Check or Credit Card payments are acceptable.