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Gilda’s Award Winning Italian delicatessen, where Nonna Gilda reigns as “The Boss”, serving up generations-old recipes with a side of familial charm for over 45 years. Click here for more


Call (908) 245-5897

La Casa di Martino
Banquet Hall & Catering

Nonna Gilda’s Italian boutique banquet hall envelops guests in the warm embrace of a traditional Italian home, where the aroma of homemade dishes fills the air, evoking memories of family gatherings and cherished recipes passed down through generations. Click here for more

Call (908) 245-5897

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IORIO Deli and Coffee Stop

Mon - Fri: 7am-2pm
Sat: 8am-2pm

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La Casa Di Martino

Banquet Hall and Catering

If you would like to visit the location, call us at 908-245-5897 to schedule an appointment.

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